The marketing efforts of SBY are clearly expressed through our most recent campaigns.

 #GainFrame21 Posts

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To extend the reach of our brand further, our marketing efforts can also be seen through our participation in the #TwistyChristmasChallenge. Participating in this challenge enabled us to connect with other yogis, and gain additional exposure across the Instagram platform. 

#TwistyChristmasChallenge Posts

...also, WE WON!

Every post we publish on Instagram employs hashtags to assist in promoting our posts. By searching for commonly used hashtags, we are able to reach a broad audience. In addition, we have found that our most popular posts target not just the “yoga” audience, but at least two other markets as well. As seen in the examples below, these popular posts target multiple audiences - allowing us to expand our reach.

To best use Instagram, I believe it is important to have a consistent “feel” to all of our posts. This consistency can be seen in our unique campaigns. The #TwistyChristmasChallenge features yoga poses in elf attire. The #GainFrame21 features close up images, typically of something not directly related to asana practice. The subject of the images for the #GainFrame21 challenge specifically work to increase viewer to engagement as the viewer needs to read the description to understand the image.

Consistency can also be seen throughout our entire Instagram Feed. Characteristics we look to capture in our images include:
The Law of Thirds: Use of the grid feature to create visually appealing images
Fill the frame: Strong, sharp colors, shapes, and lines
White balance: Using natural light for optimal balance when possible
Unique angles: Catch the attention of the audience with a unique perspective
...and perhaps most importantly,
Planning ahead: It is important for us to share meaningful posts. We strive for quality over quantity.