There is lots of activity, but I am not busy.”
— Lakha

We live in a society were busy is a status symbol. If you are busy you must be important, your must be worthy of respect and love, you must be a high achiever. But why do we put "busy" on a pedestal? Is busy a distraction to what is really going on internally, beneath the surface? What happens when we do slow down, when we take a moment to breathe? Can you sit in stillness? 



1. White space on your calendar gives you anxiety
2. You obsessively check your phone
3. A close friend or family member has mentioned your compulsion to engage with your phone while in conversation
4. At the suggestion of relaxing, you respond with “What the does that even mean? 
5. When doing nothing, you feel guilty for not being productive
6. You tally the number of productive hours you’ve had at the end of the day and judge yourself by how full your day was
7. You "complain" about how busy you are while simultaneously feeling proud of  "achieving" that much
8. You are too busy for down time (meditation, taking nap, hang out with your friends)

Not sure if this “busy addiction” applies to you? Let’s test it out in 7 easy steps.

1. Sit down
2. Don’t act
3. Don’t talk
4. Don’t solve a problem
5. Just sit
6. Do nothing
7. Do this for three minutes

What was your experience?

- Incorporating mindfulness into daily tasks -


Take a systematic approach to slowing down.
Making a small change can help to "reset" the brain. Set an alarm or reminder to sound every hour. Take the next 45 seconds to sit and focus on your breath. Completing this exercise throughout the will help improve mental clarity, decrease the feeling of "busy" and refocus your energy.


Next time you find yourself feeling "busy" ask the following questions:
1. What is keeping you busy?
2. Is it worth it?
3. Are there things on your plate that you should let go?
4. Is your mind inherently busy or just pretending to be?


These simple techniques are effective for stay on task. Taking short breaks enables you to press the restart button, and take control of your to do list. And a bonus - staying focused and on task makes time for recharging white space on your calendar.