I first began teaching kids yoga at the Waco Family Abuse Center. Ranging from ages 4-15 the kids had no prior experience with yoga, and I had no experience teaching kids. It was a learning process for all of us. Initially, their perception of what “yoga” was involved stretching, was boring, and was something that they “won’t like.” After the first practice, however, that perception began to shift. They enjoyed the challenge of working on balancing poses and learning something new. 

What I noticed most over several months of teaching these kids was the shift in their self-talk. When I first began teaching at the center I was taken back by the amount of negative self-talk. I had never witnessed that from children before. My heart went out to them, and my goal was to show them that they could ALL practice yoga. Through manageable challenges of new poses, each child's self esteem appeared to increase while negative self-talk decreased. 

From this experience I was inspired to complete a 95 hour Children’s Yoga Training Program. Beyond the physical benefits of yoga, I was most inspired by the positive psychological effects yoga practice had on the children I worked with.


Although I enjoyed learning about kids yoga and expanding my knowledge base, after completing my 95 hour Children’s Yoga Teacher Training, my main goal was not to teach kids yoga. I much prefer sharing my knowledge of kids yoga with other yoga teachers, and help them to create successful kids yoga classes.

The first project I worked on was the Kids Yoga Camp held at Yoga Pod. Although I was not able to lead the kids camp, I worked with Diane Kallus to organize the camp. Using the resources from kids yoga training, Diane and I were able to create a fun yoga environment that would appeal to children with varying interests. 

This two week summer camp consisted of a variety of activities.

Although right now I do not feel a strong desire to lead kids yoga, I appreciate it’s importance. As such, I look to stay connected to kids yoga by teaching other teachers, and helping them lead successful classes. Sharing the knowledge I gained through the 95 hour children’s yoga program as proven to be invaluable. I am able to guide other yoga teachers, share my knowledge, and help organize events.