Project 7


Throughout the work on this 300 Hour Training, I have consulted many books and completed numerous web-based courses to acquire more knowledge about yoga, the human body, and teaching methodology. I have compiled some of my favorite resources here.


Leslie Kaminoff - April 2016 (attended with Helen; completed reflection with her. Some of the major "take-aways"  from the workshop found by clicking HERE)

Yoga U online completed courses:

Dr. Gill Solberg : The Kinesiology of Yoga Alignment

Timothy McCall MD: Yoga as Medicine - A New Paradigm for Health  (applied to BU lecture)

Marlysa Sullivan : Yoga for Back Health - The Role of the Core Muscles, Breath and Bandhas in Spinal Stability (applied in back workshop)

Robin Rothenberg: Yoga for Back Pain: The Essential Guide to Lower Back Pain Relief (applied in back workshop)

Tom Myers - Fascia and the Power of Movement in Mind-Body – The issues in the tissues (Applied in back workshop, Teacher training)


The Heart of Yoga: Developing a Personal Practice by TKV Desikachar 

Health, Healing and Beyond: Yoga and the Living Tradition of T. Krishnamacharya  By: TKV Desikachar and RH Cravens

Yoga Align by Michaelle Edwards