Project 1


The Path to Project 1: From Kaminoff to Private Client

Project one culminated in the development of private sessions for a client requesting breathing practices. A sample of a session plan is found below. Click on "The Path to Project 1" above to see a flow chart with a recap of my inspiration for this project that was explained in detail during the my defense.

Private Session Plan

Vocabulary Introduction

  • Pranayama as part of 8 limbs of yoga
  • Prana – life force/energy+ yama – restraint/control   OR  Pran + ayama (without restraint/control)
  • Sushumna – energy channel (spinal column) The Sushumna is the central energy channel or Nadi that travels the full length of the middle of the spinal cord. It is the channel through which pranic energy flows

Thoracic cage mobility exercises: Abdominal Twist (jathara parivrtti, handout)

Preparing for Pranayama

1.       Single nostril breathing, observe and address differences between sides

2.        Front upper-body Exhale (inhale through nose, exhale through mouth) relax jaw, throat, sternum

-nostril breathing- 3-5x

Rear upper-body exhale (inhale nose, exhale mouth) softening upper back, shoulders, back of neck

-nostril breathing- 3-5x

Lower Body exhale – (inhale nose, exhale mouth) relax through lower body, and find spinal alignment without slouching

3.       Nostril breathing 10-15 times evenly (try counting both inhale/exhale)

4.       Energy movement exercise with mudras (begin with thumb to index finger tapping, moving down to pinky finger. End with engery movement back up to index finger)

5.       Right left energy movement – thumbs to tips of index fingers (alternate sides, even pressure)

6.       Nostril testing again

7.       Kapalabhati breath 3x30 (focus on exhale through nose, passive inhale through nose)

8.       Agni Sara (seated) close eyes, inhale deeply through nose without tension in muscles. Bend forward and release the breath powerfully through your mouth as you pull your stomach in. Hold your breath after the exhale, sit back up and “pump” abdominal muscles (like pulling them in under ribs) until you need/want to inhale. Inhale and exhale normally. Repeat 2 more times.

9.       Meditation