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Healthy Back Workshop

I love leading the Healthy Back workshops at Yoga Pod Waco. The most recent one was held on September 24, and the next is scheduled for January.

As mentioned in my first post on Workplace Yoga, I advocate the ABC's when is comes to reducing tension that can cause back pain:

A – Activate areas of inactivity.

B – Breathe! I can’t emphasize the importance of mindful breathing enough.

C – Choose the correct muscles to stretch.

The way I incorporate these strategies into a class for a healthy, happy back is sequencing poses in this manner:

1. Finding Relaxation and Release

2. Encouraging mobility with pelvic stabilization

3. Strengthening postural muscles to support optimal curves of the spine

3. Stretching safely within the appropriate range of motion

5. Additional Relaxation and breathing focus

 Linked below is the basic outline of the sample sequence used in the workshop. The workshop goes into more detail, but this is a good reminder of what we covered if you attended the class, and taste of what you could learn more about if you come next time!

Happy Back Sequence Sample