Spirit Bear Mountain

Spirit Bear Yoga was born in the mountains of New Mexico. As a result, mountain imagery and symbolism has played a large role in defining our motto:

Grounded Living. Elevated Thinking.

From a traditional yogic perspective, our motto can be connected to the chakra system. The chakras provide a way to understand and analyze the flow of prana (life force energy) within us. Seven main chakras are recognized in the body, each connected to a unique set of attributes. 

The first three chakras form the “lower triangle” of our Spirit Bear Mountain. These chakras represent grounding forces in our lives such as survival, connection, and self-esteem. Without a secure foundation, we are unable to elevate our thinking. Grounded Living represents the importance of cultivating a solid foundation in one's life.

Chakras five through seven are represented by the mountain’s “upper triangle.” These chakras represent elevated functions. The upper triangle includes ideals such as communicating truth, listening to inner wisdom, and sensing unity with the divine. Elevated Thinking represents the importance of embodying and cultivating these qualities of the upper triangle on a daily basis.

But what about the middle chakra? The fourth chakra, or the Anahata (Heart) Chakra is where the lower and upper triangle meet. Green in color, this chakra provides a bridge between the grounding and elevating forces in our lives. The color of this chakra illustrates this idea as it is equal parts yellow (third chakra), and blue (fifth chakra).  In our mountain display, the unifying property of the fourth chakra is represented by painting the inside of both the upper and lower triangles “Spirit Bear Green.” 

Our motto represents our passion to promote a healthy, balanced, yogic lifestyle. Yoga permeates all aspects of life, it is far greater than just asana, and yoga is for everyone. That message is the heart of Spirit Bear Yoga. 

Grounded Living. Elevated Thinking. 

Spirit Bear Yoga urges you to lead from your heart. From there, we believe that you will be able to navigate the path of a balanced life.