The Gain Frame Challenge: 21 Days to a Positive Perspective

Looking for a way to increase your happiness, well-being and even your health? Then we’ve got the challenge for you! It’s time to take control of how you frame your daily experiences and train your brain to seek out the positive rather focus on the negative.
In psychology, the framing effect explores the way people react to a particular stimulus depending on how it is presented. A gain-frame consists of a message that is focused on the positive outcome. A loss-frame message focuses on the costs or potential for loss.

For example:

Gain-Framed Message: Thirty minutes of regular physical activity most days helps lower your blood pressure.

Loss-Framed Message: If you do not exercise regularly, you are at greater risk for hypertension.

Bad news first. Studies have shown that our minds tend to get stuck in the loss frame. Once we have viewed a situation as a loss, it much harder to mentally convert that situation to be viewed as a gain. Because of this we tend to get stuck scanning our world for the losses before even considering the gains.

Now the good news. We can train our minds to view the world differently, to scan for gains before losses. Studies have shown that writing for just 3 minutes per day for 21 days about what we are grateful for can dramatically increase happiness, well-being, and even health.

Are you ready to give it a try? Spirit Bear is! You just need three minutes a day, and a place to write down grateful thoughts. We'll be sharing our progress and invite you to join us. Think of what you have to gain – and start framing your thoughts that way! Use the following hashtag to share your journey towards more positive thinking over the next three weeks: