Gain Frame Challenge, Spirit Bear Style

Gain Frame? When Tara first brought up the concept, I thought she was suggesting we head to Hobby Lobby or Michaels to look for something to hold a photo.

 “No, it’s conceptualizing information in way that either stresses the positive outcomes or negative potential” she explained.

“Oh. I see. It’s psychology-major stuff,” to which I quickly added, “Was this a TED talk?” (Tara might be slightly obsessed with TED talks, but that’s another post).

While she had listened to a TED talk that emphasized the challenge of overcoming negative habits, she had developed this idea on her own that we should start working on removing negative habits and encouraging more positive thinking. I listened as she shared her idea, and immediately found myself caught up on these following details:

1.      Journaling

2.      Instagram/Facebook pictures

3.      Posting every day

So, I had just basically proven her point that most people immediately zero in on the negative and start “framing” the message in their minds in a way that is more “glass half-empty” than “glass half-full.” I started to think about how I did not like to journal, how I was not good at taking pictures to post, and, seriously? Everyday? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

But I also knew she was right. It was time to take serious stock of how life starts to get cluttered with to-do lists and tedious tasks, and suddenly you are feeling pretty drained and uninspired. Even yoga teachers can get that way. We can tell class after class about the importance of resting, breathing and self-care, but are often not very good about practicing that aspect of the yoga lifestyle ourselves. That’s not very authentic or genuine, and that’s not who I want to be.

While our initial discussion of the challenge focused on compiling the gratitude journal entries, we decided it would be a good challenge to take that a step farther. The extra Spirit Bear twist on this November gratitude challenge would be to specifically work on taking Loss-Framed messages and turning them around to Gain Framed messages. The traffic, the weather, lines at the post office, paperwork and inconveniences -- what if we focused on those potentially “Loss-Framed” events and immediately worked to frame them from a gain perspective? Now that’s a Spirit Bear challenge!


Follow along as we work to #GainFrame21. No trip to Hobby Lobby required.