Making Yoga Accessible for the Older Adult -- Part I

Accessibility seems to be a buzz word in the yoga community. It’s great to see the effort being made to be more inclusive so that all feel welcome to try yoga. Still, it seems like one community isn’t often addressed — and it’s a community all yogis will be eventually be a part of if we keep getting older.

Thoughts on the new Mayo Clinic research on yoga injuries

A new study from the Mayo Clinic was recently released entitled, Soft Tissue and Bony Injuries Attributed to the Practice of Yoga: A Biomechanical Analysis and Implications for Management. While I’m glad to see more research being done on the effects yoga has on the body, I get concerned when some of the information shared can be easily misinterpreted and spread without sufficient context.

Quieting Community?

Quieting Community?

As yogis, we value quiet time and space to focus our minds. But as humans we also value being a part of community and connecting with others. Could it be that the silent sanctuary is yet another one of those “yoga rules” that needs to be broken in order to make the practice more accessible to all?