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Why Spirit Bear Yoga?

Once considered counterculture, yoga has seemingly attained pop culture status – especially in the West. Spirit Bear Yoga seeks to encourage the mindfulness that has rooted yogis since its origins, while bringing fresh perspective to the poses and practice that modern day yogis embrace. Yoga can be more than time on your mat doing asana. The yoga lifestyle can transcend culture, age, and all other demographics. While yoga can certainly be experienced in physical practice, meditation, and breathing, it can also exist in less obvious elements like design choices, simple living philosophy, self-talk, self-care and the way we interact with others. The Spirit Bear approach takes the time-tested tenets of yoga and adds fresh perspective to reach a whole new generation of yogis. 

Whether you are straight from the forest or claim an urban “jungle” as your home – we think there’s a little bit of Bear inside of you waiting to be set loose to guide you towards a more balanced lifestyle.  If you find yourself growling at all the pressures and demands of your current routine and need a breath of fresh air to invigorate your mind, body and spirit, then you’ve come to the right place. Learn to look at life through the eyes of the Spirit Bear and discover adventure. Let your inner Bear help you blaze new trails towards the mountaintop – because the view at the top is worth the work it takes to get there! 

The Spirit Bear Yoga encourages grounded living and elevated thinking. It’s the yoga lifestyle beyond asana. It’s a way to be authentic and healthy – right where you are, or discovering more about yourself in places that challenge your comfort zone. 


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